Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moving Green = Seeing Red!

So DH and I are moving and trying to do that with very little impact on the environment is VERY tough!!! Normally DH woud go out to the moving store and by tape, paper, and boxes, I woud head to the Dept. Store and buy loads of paper towel for cleaning and or course a bottle or two of new cleaners.  This time this was NOT an option, none of that is very "green".   So we had to get creative.  We packed in boxes i got from the hospital where i worked that were headed for the dump, wrap in old art paper that was also headed for the trash.  The old papers we were throwing out were shredded and the shreds replaced styrofoam peanuts.  We will continue to clean with our microfiber and vinegar cleaners.  If you have a green moving tip for us post in a comment below!

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