Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ok so the "green journey" continued and the next big thing was the end of disposable feminine hygien products. Bye bye tampons, pantyliners, no more kotex, they were all replaced with cloth.  Yes you heard me CLOTH.  Yuck right? NO! Surprisingly YAY!   I was a sceptic but we ordered a set of cloth pads from a work at home lady and my 6 cloth pads arrived. They looked like a pad but flannel and a snap on the wings instead of sticky tabs.  I placed it on and WOW i was hooked.  SO much more comfortable.  When it was ready to be changed i simply put it in a "wet bag" designed for cloth diapers.  I throw them in the wash(or hand wash) when i placed the last pad on.  I need more i will tell you that, and i would love to trial or even review some more so cloth pad makers, retailers, WHAMS etc spam me with your details. I would also love to try a Menstrual Cup like the MoonCup, Lunette Etc

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  1. way to go!! it is a big step but i agree much more comfy i only use liners atm since i dont have a womanly time with my "no baby device" i use :)