Thursday, October 13, 2011

BuBuBiBi Review

Life Has gotten in the way between a move, family illness, and everything in between, and unfortunately  my blog has suffered because of it! But here it is, my Review of the BuBuBiBi Clothe Pad
I opened the package and this small folded package slipped out.  The PUL backing was in a very fun moon/star pattern (see below).  The pad was very trim and the stay-dry liner was SOOOO soft.  I used the pad my first day which was a light day and loved the feeling of the topper against my sensitive skin.  The moisture wicked from the top well leaving me feeling dry and clean.  I washed it and used it a few different times throughout my cycle and would say THIS pad is as the website claims for lighter flow days but more than a liner.  It has quickly become my favorite pad and we will be ordering more when finances permit.
They do have some new pads on their website that look different then these so i urge you to check those out as well.  Great Job BuBuBiBi!!!!